Green Fuel Catalyst

Fuel catalysts for marine engines

Reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst.

Marine Engines are designed to run on refinery grade fuel, however reality is that bunkered fuel has already logged many idle hours during the storage and transport. In the end low quality fuel contains reduced energy density causing incomplete combustion reaction whenever utilized. Treatment with a Fluid Cracking Catalyst (Fitch Fuel Catalyst) reformulates and improves hydrocarbon fuel quality, and as a result ensures a more complete combustion reaction reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions. More complete combustion means huge savings in fuel expenses, less impact on the environment and less engine maintenance. Excellent results with various fuel types such as  MDO, MFO, MGO, IFO, HFO 


The [Fitch® |]Fuel Catalyst reformulates and improves the following fuel types: Hydro-carbon liquid fuel, Natural Gas and High-Pressure Fuels. It is a true catalyst which causes one or more chemical reactions but does not participate in them. Therefore, unlike additives, it is not consumed in the reaction and thus lasts for years after initial installation. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst also has no moving parts and is thus maintenance free.

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