Underwater Services

We can offer quality underwater services through our partner, SCAMP Ltd., from over 300 locations worldwide, managed from a single coordination centre in Gibraltar. SCAMP’s global network makes them flexible and adaptable and they can mobilise an expert team anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For 50 years SCAMP has delivered cost effective solutions to the shipping industry, targeted at saving bunker fuels and optimising the operating performance of vessels.

SCAMP's Worldwide Network


SCAMP’s expert divers use approved and patented hull surface cleaning machines that are globally recognised as the most effective means to recuperate vessels performance and service speed.

Regular polishing reduces propeller surface roughness up to a Rubert’s comparator’s scale A/B, to ensure maximum thrust, diminishing drag and optimum propeller hydro-efficiency.

SCAMP’s expert divers and technicians perform photographic hull inspections and surveys, backed by full CCTV and DVD footage. Their technical reports provide a detailed assessment.

SCAMP divers use the latest technology and the most advanced techniques to meet any underwater engineering challenge. SCAMP is the recognised leader in underwater welding of hull cracks.